Project WATER IN OUR LIFE 

EU Lifelong Learning Programme
COMENIUS Multilateral school partnership

Gymnázium, Brno, Slovanské náměstí 7
Czech Republic

Application COM-MP-2013-283 (20132015)
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Work programme = ACTIVITIES

PHOTOS of...
Darica meeting
(November 2013)
Las Palmas meeting
(March 2014)
Tychy meeting
(June 2014)
Palermo meeting
(December 2014)
Brno meeting
(May 2015)

Fethiye meeting
(June 2015)

Czech team

In the project five schools from the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Turkey have enhanced the European dimension of education by promoting joint cooperation activities among them. Partnership aim was to study various aspects of water production and consumption, with emphasis on the sustained management of resources, to measure water consumption and qualities, and to propose how to cut down on the water consumption.

First, students did online researches on national water resources. Afterwards, they presented, compared and contrasted the results of the countries involved. They discussed problems of the sustained management of resources and a common questionnaire on resources aspects was prepared and used in all countries. Students met water experts and visited water resources, water cleaning companies, water producers etc. They took their own measurements of water consumption and suggested ways of reducing it at home and at school.

Besides their managing work, teachers prepared CLIL lessons and/or e-learning didactic units with a topic of water. Each school has put its results on its project website.

The common work and above all six project meetings taught the participants about countries and their cultures, improved the language knowledge, motivated them to study languages, and contributed to building new Europe.


We took part in the World Water Day


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